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Jewish Anti-Semitism, Part 1: Our Own Hangmen


Question: Why do so many Jews stand behind the organization of the boycott against Israel, including Israelis?

Answer: Within the Jewish people, according to its ego that rises above others, lays an impulse to be detached from their Jewish identity. As a result of this, people in whom this drive exists particularly strongly want to demonstrate to everyone that they are the opposite, that they are concerned for “the good of all peoples,” that they are not Israelis.

There were similar examples in Hitler’s Germany an in American leadership. It is a well-known that a ship of Jewish refugees from Europe attempted to escape from death in the concentration camps and reached the United States. At that time, a Jew who was close to the American president advised him not to accept them. As a result, the ship was sent back, and the people perished in the gas chambers. This happened more than once. And here we need to understand that it is natural that it is specifically Jews who foment anti-Semitism all over the world.

Question: What is natural about this?

Answer: If we don’t receive the right education, the lack of internal orientation leads some to the opposite, egoistic end of the spectrum. It is not by chance that many American Jews are directed against Israel and want to sever all ties with our nation. They prefer to assimilate among the local population and become exclusively Americans. I saw this recently at a symposium of American Jewish organizations in Washington.

This is our nature. This is the inner root of our people that wants to escape its destiny, and its destiny is to show the entire world an example of good connection and unity that solves all problems. As long as we don’t do this, the nations will come to us with complaints without their understanding that the root cause is themselves.

Throughout the entire exile, the hatred toward Jews and anti-Semitism counteracted the tendency in our people toward division. So, if the pressure of the outside forces weakened, we ourselves would retreat from the burden of the “Jews,” and nothing would have remained of us. “Really, why should I be a Jew? Why should I suffer? What is the benefit of everyone hating me? It is better to disappear and forget everything.”

To be continued.
From KabTV’s “About the Boycott of Israel” 6/3/15

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