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The Promised Land In The Desert


 Question: It is said that to inherit the land requires a lot of preparation. What is this preparation?

Answer: The land of Israel is that same Babylon or Egypt, but corrected. In the beginning there was no land of Israel, only the land of Canaan. There is no land of Israel without the nation of Israel. The inheritance of the land of Israel is when you take the desires of Babylon, the desires of the Pharaoh, that are discovered as cruel, terrible, and egoistic, put them to work, and transform them for the sake of bestowal.

And the corrected desires are called the land of Israel because they are directed for the sake of bestowal, straight to the Creator. If I am in the desire to receive that is called Egypt, under the control of Pharaoh, and yearn to reach the state that is for the sake of bestowal, to reach the state of love the other as yourself, then this is called that I want to escape Egypt.

I rise above those egoistic desires that are called Egypt because when I am within them, I can never correct them. Thus, I rise above them, detach from them, and am able to use them in such a way that I correct them. The correction of these desires is such that I detach from them and don’t want to be influenced by them.

This work of rising above the desires to receive are called the forty years of wandering in the Sinai Desert. And after I process and transform these desires and can already work with them for the sake of bestowal, then that is called Egypt, which at the beginning turned into the Sinai Desert and now turned from the Sinai Desert into the land of Israel.

These are very accurate specifications. One only needs to learn how to interpret them correctly, and then everything becomes very simple.
From Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/23/14

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