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The Law “On Nationwide Family Education”


Without positive pressure from society on each of us, no family can live well and normally. Today we live under tremendous pressure from public opinion, but it was created by our egoism, which often breaks through and puts us in confrontation with each other.

“Mandatory nationwide family education and good relations in society and the state” should become a national law.

Comment: But I want first of all to improve relations in my own family!

Answer: It will not work! Not a single family will succeed in this. There may be some temporary exceptional cases, but in the end the family will fall apart if we do not build the overall atmosphere that will compel every family to become harmonious.

Question: Where should mandatory family education start?

Answer: We should begin with studying human nature in order to understand how egoistic it is and how we can still maintain relationships between us.

Indeed, our egoism has grown to such alarming proportions that we cannot tolerate anyone around us. Every child tries to shut himself in his room. In the end, every family member will need his own separate entrance so as not to run into anyone.

Question: What needs to be done after the first lesson in family education?

Answer: It is necessary to put everyone in a circle and begin to build the correct relationship between us. We can discuss how everyone imagines a good, close-knit family, what mutual participation and mutual concessions are required. Any life situation can become a topic for such a discussion.

There will be no success in any individual family until we raise the entire society. First of all, we need to educate the people, and after that proceed to the education of the individual, family. The entire society should be brought up on the principle: “We are all friends, brothers, as one man with one heart.” And when we reach this state, every family will be strengthened within the nation.

There is no other way. Attempts to make peace separately in one’s own family are doomed to failure. We need to proceed from the general to the particular: “All people are friends, all are brothers.”
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/15/15

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