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Democracy, The Rule Of The Spiritual Nation


What is a democracy? The entire nation, comprised of millions of people, gets together, and the people are asked, “What do you want?” Some say that they want football, others say that they want Coca Cola, and they are told, “You will get what you want.” What else can the masses want if they are not educated, if they are not raised up the spiritual ladder? In such a case, democracy leads to regression, degradation. So, what’s so good about it?

Democracy is good only when we make a circle, which means only in a group. This is where the entire world goes wrong. The actual idea of democracy is ideal, but it must be fulfilled only under certain conditions. It is impossible to implement it with the masses, among people who don’t think about tomorrow. So, people don’t go to vote because they don’t care who is elected. They only shout and resent the fact that the government doesn’t do what they want.

Neither those in government at all levels nor the governed people understand what democracy is. This s because it is not in their vessels.; it is in round vessels, which are not suitable for them at all. The people need a king, an authoritarian power. A king feels that, “The state is me; it is all mine!” And he cares about his subjects, that his citizens feel good since they belong to him. He works for the welfare of everyone in the nation, as it is all his.

So, if a nation exists egoistically, it needs a king. However, if a state already advances spiritually, it needs a democracy. They are opposites: “circles” (Igulim) and “straight line” (Yosher), the two forms of the vessel. We shouldn’t confuse one with the other since neither is better or worse. We see that democracy doesn’t work, and that it is just nice words. Free elections and freedom of speech in the media are all just toys. In fact, the leaders of society do what they must do.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/10/13, Writings of Rabash

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