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The Long Path of Torah


If I was to collect the scriptures that have most moved me to a place of humility and refection, I think Psalm 119:96 would be toward the top of that list. I prefer the JPS version,

I have seen that all things have their limit, but Your commandment is broad beyond measure.

As many of you know, this last week our youngest son, Noach, became a Bar Mitzvah ("son of the commandments"). This was his time to affirm his acceptance of the yoke of the Torah publically. According to tradition, it is the time when he became accountable, as a man, before God for the choices that he will make in his future. In one moment of time--he went from a child to an adult. He is now counted as a man and expected to act like one in our home and in our community. My-oh-my, how they grow up fast!

Noach will now set his feet to a more deliberate walk of Torah and discipleship. As his father, I will continue to teach and train him, but he is responsible for his own actions before God. He will see that the pursuit of Torah is a lifelong process of perfecting the soul and reconciling his flesh to reflect that spiritual maturity. The commandments of the Torah will always be before him as the standard, and they are beyond limit, beyond measure.

He has been taught, that although he stood publically and bound himself to the Torah (and also in our family's tradition, to the Messiah), he has a life-long journey of learning, followed by application ahead of him. When he becomes aware of straying from the right path (Torah), he will (God willing) correct his course.

His squeaky voice chanting his Torah portion still rings in my ears. It was a precious moment for our family.

On some level many of you that are reading this blog have made a similar declaration as my son Noach. You have voluntarily taken on the yoke of Hashem. Although you may not have had a fancy Bar Mitzvah, you may have just privately realized your responsibility to the mitzvot as an expression of your love of God and your devotion to Messiah. To you I say, "Mazal Tov!" Today you are a man of God. Today you are a woman of God.

Now that you have set your feet to this path, stay on the path. Continue to walk, grow, go forward, never backward, and never suppose that you have yet arrived at the goal.

Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. (Philippians 3:12)

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