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Yom Kippur And The Atonement In Every Soul


The purpose of the whole process that we are going through is the revelation of the Creator. We reveal Him by His actions upon us. For this purpose the Creator creates a system, laws according to which it exists and operates, and man in this system.

Then He sets man and the system into motion. A person has to listen to the influence of the Creator, to what is happening inside him and on the outside because it is all the Creator’s motions. As it is said: “There is none else besides Him.”

If a person agrees that everything comes from Above, from the Creator, he becomes sensitive to everything that is happening inside and around him, to the way that it affects him. Thus a person tries to understand what the Creator wants to reveal to him.

By analyzing all sorts of actions: good and bad, those that are close to him and those that are distant, those that he perceives as good or evil, a person begins to decipher the Creator’s plan concerning him. And when he discovers the great abyss between him and the Creator, the oppositeness of their thoughts, he begins to reveal the two opposites, one in contrast to the other.

On one hand, he feels that he wants to act according to his own nature. But since he has already discovered that it is better to follow the opposite nature, he understands that he should act differently. In such a way he discovers the evil inside him, the malicious thoughts.

But he is happy about it! After all, the more sins he discovers inside him, the more efforts he makes to reveal them, the closer he will come to a true payer, meaning to the request to correct them. The request for correction is called “atonement.”

The malicious thoughts don’t need to go away, but they should be “sweetened.” That is, we have to acquire a new intention over all our egoistic desires that turn into bestowal.

The discovery of the sins and crimes happens with the help of a great Light, the Light of Hochma (Wisdom), that shines to a person and confronts him with the fact of how evil and opposite to the Creator he is. Then according to his exertion, he can approach correction.

All the corrections, just as all our sins, are the work of the Creator. Eventually, all the sins and their correction, all the Light that we draw to clarify the evil and to correct it, the Light of adhesion, is only to bring contentment to the Creator. It turns out that by revealing the sins and their atonement, a person reaches an embrace with the Creator and then adhesion with Him.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/6/11Shamati #177

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