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The Weekly Torah Portion Naso: Counting The Attributes


The Torah, “Numbers,” 4:21 – 4:22, 4:49: The Lord spoke to Moses saying: Take a census of the sons of Gershon, of them too, following their fathers’ houses, according to their families…As directed by the Lord, they were appointed by Moses, each man to his service and his burden; they were counted as the Lord had commanded Moses.

Question: The weekly section “Naso” begins with usual phrase: “the Lord spoke to Moses saying.” What does that mean?

Answer: When the Creator speaks to Moses He turns to the point in a person that connects him with the upper force. We always speak with the Creator through this point but we don’t hear Him. Therefore, our mission is to hear the Creator.

It says: “‘Take a consensus of the sons of Gershon, of them too, following their fathers’ houses, according to their families,” which refers to a calculation, meaning to the counting and checking of different attributes since they are all in each of us. I have to scan and organize them and to determine which I control more and which less, how they accumulate inside me into one figure, and what I should do with them. Thus, I prepare the attributes I have counted inside me for action.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/21/15

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