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The Truth About The Boycott Of Israel, Part 7


Simply open the tap: This is the reason for anti-Semitism, because of which people all over the world instinctively feel hostility toward us. However, likewise, if we change, then the hostility instinctively will change into sympathy.

Everything depends on the connection between us, for this is what specifically conveys the abundance through us to the world. We are a conduit—a transitional link. Through the quality of our mutual connection, we apparently open or close the tap in the middle of the pipe that passes from above to below.

And so, we don’t need to deal with the problems of the peoples. It is enough to open the tap between us, to unite, and then all good and abundance will begin to stream downward through the pipe. It is impossible to change this structure in any way, because this has been our fate for thousands of years.
From KabTV’s “About the Boycott of Israel” 6/3/15

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