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Sacrificing The Ego For The Sake Of Bestowal


Question: Offering a sacrifice was discovered after the consecutive entrances of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob into Egypt.

Answer: Offering sacrifices was also common in Egypt to some extent, but in a totally different way; Abraham, for example was told: “Offer Isaac as sacrifice.”

After the exodus from Egypt, there were direct instructions to come to the Creator, to build the Tabernacle, to post the priests, etc. This became a movement of a nation that did not exist in Egypt.

Therefore, we can understand how the Hebrew custom of offering sacrifices of animals that they slaughtered was hated to the Egyptians. It is because the ego sees how it is being destroyed and sacrificed in order to acquire the opposite, most hated attribute, the property of love and bestowal.

The ego cannot bear any form of sacrifice, and is against it, but cannot do anything about it.

Question: Certain counties have banned the kosher slaughtering of animals.

Answer: We often encounter this phenomenon since the normal ordinary ego doesn’t understand that offering a kosher sacrifice, even on the corporeal level, is the most humane and merciful way, because in that case, the animal doesn’t feel that it is dead. In fact, it symbolizes correction.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/20/13

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