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Joseph Will Bring You To Egypt, And Moses Will Bring You Out From It


Question: Where do the “seven years of satiety” end and the “seven years of hunger” begin?

Answer: Seven years of satiety belongs to spirituality and not to corporeality. In the beginning of the study a person is happy that he found the friends, the study, the teacher, the goal. All of it illuminates to him and that is why he is happy, full of strength, and ready for all the heroic actions.

But after that he must understand in an emotional manner that his progress depends on connections with the others. Seven years of satiety in exile is not a simple state. He didn’t even enter Egypt. Seven years of satiety begins when a person understands that he must progress and meet all the conditions indicated by the Kabbalists and agree with them.

He is willing to connect with others, willing to study, to disseminate with the understanding that only if he reveals unity inside himself will he find the spiritual world. This means that Joseph brings his brothers, the sons of Jacob, to Egypt.

There is no other way. There are no different paths because there is only one law of equivalence of the Light with the desire. Everything is determined by the four phases of direct light and nothing else can be.

Question: If I am now satisfied with everything and I am in the period of seven years of satiety, what should I do: to want it to be over as fast as possible and that the seven years of hunger will come?

Answer: To yearn only for realization of what is written, that we will find ourselves in our unity that comes in the study, in dissemination, and all of it directed to bring contentment to the Creator.

Think only about the connection, and Joseph will bring you to Egypt. Joseph is the point of connection between us and the Sefira of Yesod. When after all your search and experiences to avoid connection, you will agree and will start to connect, meaning correct your soul, then you will find yourself in Egypt.

The brothers of Joseph come to Egypt only when the famine starts in the land of Canaan; it means that they cannot progress. Each one of them grew, but the future growth is possible only thanks to the connection.

It is similar to what is happening with our world that grew in our ego, achieved full abundance, but it is not understood what to do next. Now only the general connection can save the world, but we see how difficult it is to reach it.

We will need to go through the state of famine in the world, also in the physical aspect, the corporeal, and the spiritual. Then it will be ready to connect. The descent to Egypt is a descent for connection. And this is not desirable for a person’s inner qualities and for all the people. The brothers agree to accept Joseph’s advice but with many doubts; they have many fears.

They don’t want to enter Egypt because it obliges them to be one nation, one group, one family, united, because they will live among the Egyptians, meaning, we must be ready to work so the connection will flow from the desire to bestow.

Yesod is a point that bestows upon Malchut and can bestow only when all the previous qualities and all the Sefirot connect to her. Let’s ask ourselves if we are in such a state or not? Do we want to connect in order to be the bestowers, that this is the field where Malchut will be revealed between us?

It is spoken about the group called “the sons of Jacob” that they go and progress towards bestowal, they don’t want to enter Egypt, and therefore, they must enter such states.

But the goal must remain constant through the whole path, and it is to reach bestowal, mutual connection; in it we will reveal the Creator and then we will feel how to bring Him contentment. And by that we will reach adhesion with Him.

About these questions I can answer only one thing—do the effort in order to exit your Egypt and you will see that everything will succeed.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/9/14, Shamati #54

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