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Guarding The Tabernacle


The Torah, Numbers 3:5 – 3:7: The Lord spoke to Moses saying: Bring forth the tribe of Levi and present them before Aaron the Cohen, that they may serve him. They shall keep his charge and the charge of the entire community before the Tent of Meeting, to perform the service of the Mishkan.

Question: From whom did the Levites have to guard the Tabernacle (Mishkan)?

Answer: Suppose I have a certain property that guards me from saying anything that I shouldn’t. Similarly, in spiritual work we cannot work with desires and attributes that are not corrected yet. We must understand that the right and the left lines must support each other because it seems to a person that he advances and that he wants to discover the attribute of love and bestowal, yearning to get closer to the Creator, but, in fact, we must examine this very carefully.

On the whole, the attributes of the right line that yearn to advance need the left line that restrains and beats them in order to recheck things more deeply, to compare them once more, to connect to others correctly, and to create an “safety cushion,” a special environment that supports this.

When a person becomes adapted to the new level, he yearns for that attribute of bestowal, but, when he enters this attribute, he loses his head and loses his self-control since he sees that it is all absolute love. He is immediately burnt like Nadav and Avihu, or he sins like Adam HaRishon.

The problem in attaining the spiritual attributes is that when you reach a certain attribute, you become that attribute, and everything completely changes in your mind. You don’t control your old self anymore, and therefore, in advance you must create a counterweight to the state in which you will be, your future state. This isn’t easy.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/31/14

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