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The Computer Learned To Understand People


In the News (from The Telegraph): “Computers can determine your personality better than friends, just by analysing the posts you have ‘liked’ on Facebook, a Cambridge University study has shown.

“Now researchers, by analysing self-reported personality scores for what are known as the ‘big five’ psychological traits – openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism- have created an algorithm which can accurately predict personalities simply based on Facebook interactions.

“And, surprisingly, it knows your character better than your close friends.

“The team found that their software was able to predict a study participant’s personality more accurately than a work colleague by analysing just 10 ‘Likes.’

“Given enough ‘Likes,’ the software matched people’s self-reported personality traits more closely than family members. …

“But the researchers share the concerns of those who fear a dystopian future in which our traits and habits become an ‘open book’ for computers to read.”

My Comment: Everything is simple in the human being because he is made of only one desire to be fulfilled (to fill himself, to enjoy). It is possible to create the image of this desire by several (test) “likes.” Then, all the other person’s actions could be accurately predicted.

Having created such an image we already know what the person’s responses will be when you address him. Now, you just need to write a program to control the person—because a completely controlled robot is in front of you!

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