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The Boycott Of Israel—Just Ordinary Anti-Semitism


In the News (from cursorinfo.co.il): “The boycott has nothing to do with the occupied territories or the peace process that is stuck, nor the crisis in the American-Israeli relations, Palestinian football  [soccer]or the situation in the Gaza strip. This is actually ordinary anti-Semitism or the modern anti-Israeli concept that is very hard to accept considering the rapid European conversion to Islam.

“The situation should be cleared not with the British students’ union BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) and not with the UN or the EU, but with independent organizations that engage in incitement and demonization of our state. No concessions whether territorial, political or ideological can change the situation. If Israel itself is afraid of its Jewish character, the lack of character turns into lack of basic principles.

“The boycott can destroy Israel. If Israel, under international pressure,  will start to take the country under the guise of an agreement, it will destroy itself faster than  any economic and political sanctions. And there will always be a new reason for a boycott.”

My Comment: All is true, but there is no solution! Conceding to anti-Semites is not the solution to the situation. The reason for anti-Semitism is the natural outlook that the Jews are responsible for all the problems in the world. This is also what the Torah says: “Any calamity that comes to the world is for Israel.” We have to listen to what our sages said. After all, they tell us how we should act. The special force that fills our world with peace and abundance is a result of our unity. The hatred towards us appears to the extent that we draw away from one another. See the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar,” Items 66-71.

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