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About Us

Welcome to Nazarene.net!

As many of you know this URL has gone through a number of transformations over the years.  As the URL's own has grown he has recognized a need for continuing the free flow of knowledge and the ability of the community of believer to provide that flow.

This site is therefore not enjoined to any specific group.  Much like Digg, Facebook and others, this site allow users to promote articles written on other sites and provides a link back to the original articles location.


Some topics on this site may not be to your liking!  Some articles you may strongly disagree with.  You may not even want to discuss some topics as they are offensive to you.  That is ok.  That is why there is a voting system and comment system in place. 

Voting for or agains an article will determine how it gets presented within the system, therefore your activity has an effect on various topics andwhere they are presented.

Comments build discussions, and although limited in scope, they allow you to express your objection to a particular position an author has taken.  Please do so using proper hermenuetics - NO NAME CALLING!!  They also can give the author or others who agree with the author's position to comment and event refute opposition.

We have endeavored to include a broad selection of catagories.  Please try to place scoops in the closest catagory to their topic. 

Taxonomy is a keyword search and orginizing technique.  Please include keywords regarding articles withthe articles as it will assist in recommending other articles on similar topics.  It will also improve search engine results for that page.

The end result?  Well, hopefully we learn.  We overcome bias that we may have inherited  from our forefathers.  We bring ourselves and others closer to Elohim.  We become a stronger community and when haMossiach comes the Bride will have made herself ready.


If we see postings that are unrelated to this site and its theme, we will remove them.  We will block or delete accounts created for the purpose of advertising.  This site is NOT a link farm for marketers to push their wares.  Occasional postings of directly related marketing is permitted.  ie. Judaica shops, Books stores with related texts, Software stores with Jewish software, etc...  The determination of whether your posting is acceptable or not is under the sole discretion of of the site moderation team.


Advertising is on this site is primarily done by google adsense to provide content sensitive relevant options to site users.  Additional advertising is handled by IHMS.net.  Please contact them at webmaster@ihms.net to be included in their advertising campaigns on this and other sites.  Only advertising that is relevant to this sites purpose is permitted on the site.

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Proverbs 26:5

Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.


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