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Search in Bible [King James Strong Number Version] for Strong Number [H7307], total found [348] time(s).
GEN:1:2And the earth <H0776> was <H1961> without form, <H8414> and void; <H0922> and darkness <H2822> [was] upon the face <H6440> of the deep. <H8415> And the Spirit <H7307> of God <H0430> moved <H7363> upon <H5921> the face <H6440> of the waters. <H4325>
GEN:3:8And they heard <H8085> the voice <H6963> of the LORD <H3068> God <H0430> walking <H1980> in the garden <H1588> in the cool <H7307> of the day: <H3117> and Adam <H0120> and his wife <H0802> hid <H2244> themselves from the presence <H6440> of the LORD <H3068> God <H0430> amongst <H8432> the trees <H6086> of the garden. <H1588>
GEN:6:3And the LORD <H3068> said, <H0559> My spirit <H7307> shall not always <H5769> strive <H1777> with man, <H0120> for that he also <H1571> [is] flesh: <H1320> <H7683> yet his days <H3117> shall be an hundred <H3967> and twenty <H6242> years. <H8141>
GEN:6:17And, behold, <H2009> I, <H0589> even I, do bring <H0935> a flood <H3999> of waters <H4325> upon the earth, <H0776> to destroy <H7843> all flesh, <H1320> wherein [is] the breath <H7307> of life, <H2416> from under <H8478> heaven; <H8064> [and] every thing <H3605> that [is] in the earth <H0776> shall die. <H1478>
GEN:7:15And they went in <H0935> unto Noah <H5146> into the ark, <H8392> two <H8147> and two <H8147> of all flesh, <H1320> wherein <H0834> [is] the breath <H7307> of life. <H2416>
GEN:7:22All in whose nostrils <H0639> [was] the breath <H5397> <H7307> of life, <H2416> of all that [was] in the dry <H2724> [land], died. <H4191>
GEN:8:1And God <H0430> remembered <H2142> Noah, <H5146> and every living thing, <H2416> and all the cattle <H0929> that [was] with him in the ark: <H8392> and God <H0430> made a wind <H7307> to pass <H5674> over <H5921> the earth, <H0776> and the waters <H4325> asswaged; <H7918>
GEN:26:35Which were a grief <H4786> of mind <H7307> unto Isaac <H3327> and to Rebekah. <H7259>
GEN:41:8And it came to pass in the morning <H1242> that his spirit <H7307> was troubled; <H6470> and he sent <H7971> and called <H7121> for all the magicians <H2748> of Egypt, <H4714> and all the wise men <H2450> thereof: and Pharaoh <H6547> told <H5608> them his dream; <H2472> but [there was] none that could interpret <H6622> them unto Pharaoh. <H6547>
GEN:41:38And Pharaoh <H6547> said <H0559> unto his servants, <H5650> Can we find <H4672> [such a one] as this <H2088> [is], a man <H0376> in whom <H0834> the Spirit <H7307> of God <H0430> [is]?

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