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Search in Bible [King James Strong Number Version] for Strong Number [H4726], total found [17] time(s).
LEV:12:7Who shall offer <H7126> it before <H6440> the LORD, <H3068> and make an atonement <H3722> for her; and she shall be cleansed <H2891> from the issue <H4726> of her blood. <H1818> This [is] the law <H8451> for her that hath born <H3205> a male <H2145> or a female. <H5347>
LEV:20:18And if a man <H0376> shall lie <H7901> with a woman <H0802> having her sickness, <H1739> and shall uncover <H1540> her nakedness; <H6172> he hath discovered <H6168> her fountain, <H4726> and she hath uncovered <H1540> the fountain <H4726> of her blood: <H1818> and both <H8147> of them shall be cut off <H3772> from among <H7130> their people. <H5971>
PS:36:9For with thee [is] the fountain <H4726> of life: <H2416> in thy light <H0216> shall we see <H7200> light. <H0216>
PS:68:26Bless <H1288> ye God <H0430> in the congregations, <H4721> [even] the Lord, <H0136> from the fountain <H4726> of Israel. <H3478>
PRO:5:18Let thy fountain <H4726> be blessed: <H1288> and rejoice <H8055> with the wife <H0802> of thy youth. <H5271>
PRO:10:11The mouth <H6310> of a righteous <H6662> [man is] a well <H4726> of life: <H2416> but violence <H2555> covereth <H3680> the mouth <H6310> of the wicked. <H7563>
PRO:13:14The law <H8451> of the wise <H2450> [is] a fountain <H4726> of life, <H2416> to depart <H5493> from the snares <H4170> of death. <H4194>
PRO:14:27The fear <H3374> of the LORD <H3068> [is] a fountain <H4726> of life, <H2416> to depart <H5493> from the snares <H4170> of death. <H4194>
PRO:16:22Understanding <H7922> [is] a wellspring <H4726> of life <H2416> unto him that hath <H1167> it: but the instruction <H4148> of fools <H0191> [is] folly. <H0200>
PRO:18:4The words <H1697> of a man's <H0376> mouth <H6310> [are as] deep <H6013> waters, <H4325> [and] the wellspring <H4726> of wisdom <H2451> [as] a flowing <H5042> brook. <H5158>

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