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Search in Bible [King James Strong Number Version] for Strong Number [H3680], total found [149] time(s).
GEN:7:19And the waters <H4325> prevailed <H1396> exceedingly <H3966> <H3966> upon the earth; <H0776> and all the high <H1364> hills, <H2022> that [were] under <H8478> the whole heaven, <H8064> were covered. <H3680>
GEN:7:20Fifteen <H6240> <H2568> cubits <H0520> upward <H4605> did the waters <H4325> prevail; <H1396> and the mountains <H2022> were covered. <H3680>
GEN:9:23And Shem <H8035> and Japheth <H3315> took <H3947> a garment, <H8071> and laid <H7760> [it] upon both <H8147> their shoulders, <H7926> and went <H3212> backward, <H0322> and covered <H3680> the nakedness <H6172> of their father; <H0001> and their faces <H6440> [were] backward, <H0322> and they saw <H7200> not their father's <H0001> nakedness. <H6172>
GEN:18:17And the LORD <H3068> said, <H0559> Shall I hide <H3680> from Abraham <H0085> that thing which <H0834> I do; <H6213>
GEN:24:65For she [had] said <H0559> unto the servant, <H5650> What <H4310> man <H0376> [is] this <H1976> that walketh <H1980> in the field <H7704> to meet <H7125> us? And the servant <H5650> [had] said, <H0559> It [is] my master: <H0113> therefore she took <H3947> a vail, <H6809> and covered <H3680> herself.
GEN:37:26And Judah <H3063> said <H0559> unto his brethren, <H0251> What profit <H1215> [is it] if we slay <H2026> our brother, <H0251> and conceal <H3680> his blood? <H1818>
GEN:38:14And she put her widow's <H0491> garments <H0899> off <H5493> from her, and covered <H3680> her with a vail, <H6809> and wrapped <H5968> herself, and sat <H3427> in an open <H5869> place, <H6607> which [is] by the way <H1870> to Timnath; <H8553> for she saw <H7200> that Shelah <H7956> was grown, <H1431> and she was not given <H5414> unto him to wife. <H0802>
GEN:38:15When Judah <H3063> saw <H7200> her, he thought <H2803> her [to be] an harlot; <H2181> because she had covered <H3680> her face. <H6440>
EXO:8:6And Aaron <H0175> stretched out <H5186> his hand <H3027> over the waters <H4325> of Egypt; <H4714> and the frogs <H6854> came up, <H5927> and covered <H3680> the land <H0776> of Egypt. <H4714>
EXO:10:5And they shall cover <H3680> the face <H5869> of the earth, <H0776> that one cannot be able <H3201> to see <H7200> the earth: <H0776> and they shall eat <H0398> the residue <H3499> of that which is escaped, <H6413> which remaineth <H7604> unto you from the hail, <H1259> and shall eat <H0398> every tree <H6086> which groweth <H6779> for you out of the field: <H7704>

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