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Search in Bible [King James Strong Number Version] for Strong Number [H2428], total found [228] time(s).
GEN:34:29And all their wealth, <H2428> and all their little ones, <H2945> and their wives <H0802> took they captive, <H7617> and spoiled <H0962> even all that [was] in the house. <H1004>
GEN:47:6The land <H0776> of Egypt <H4714> [is] before <H6440> thee; in the best <H4315> of the land <H0776> make thy father <H0001> and brethren <H0251> to dwell; <H3427> in the land <H0776> of Goshen <H1657> let them dwell: <H3427> and if thou knowest <H3045> <H3426> [any] men <H0582> of activity <H2428> among them, then make <H7760> them rulers <H8269> over my cattle. <H4735>
EXO:14:4And I will harden <H2388> Pharaoh's <H6547> heart, <H3820> that he shall follow <H7291> after <H0310> them; and I will be honoured <H3513> upon Pharaoh, <H6547> and upon all his host; <H2428> that the Egyptians <H4714> may know <H3045> that I [am] the LORD. <H3068> And they did <H6213> so.
EXO:14:9But the Egyptians <H4714> pursued <H7291> after <H0310> them, all the horses <H5483> [and] chariots <H7393> of Pharaoh, <H6547> and his horsemen, <H6571> and his army, <H2428> and overtook <H5381> them encamping <H2583> by the sea, <H3220> beside Pihahiroth, <H6367> before <H6440> Baalzephon. <H1189>
EXO:14:17And I, behold, I will harden <H2388> the hearts <H3820> of the Egyptians, <H4714> and they shall follow <H0935> <H0310> them: and I will get me honour <H3513> upon Pharaoh, <H6547> and upon all his host, <H2428> upon his chariots, <H7393> and upon his horsemen. <H6571>
EXO:14:28And the waters <H4325> returned, <H7725> and covered <H3680> the chariots, <H7393> and the horsemen, <H6571> [and] all the host <H2428> of Pharaoh <H6547> that came <H0935> into the sea <H3220> after <H0310> them; there remained <H7604> not so much as <H5704> one <H0259> of them.
EXO:15:4Pharaoh's <H6547> chariots <H4818> and his host <H2428> hath he cast <H3384> into the sea: <H3220> his chosen <H4005> captains <H7991> also are drowned <H2883> in the Red <H5488> sea. <H3220>
EXO:18:21Moreover thou shalt provide <H2372> out of all the people <H5971> able <H2428> men, <H0582> such as fear <H3373> God, <H0430> men <H0582> of truth, <H0571> hating <H8130> covetousness; <H1215> and place <H7760> [such] over them, [to be] rulers <H8269> of thousands, <H0505> [and] rulers <H8269> of hundreds, <H3967> rulers <H8269> of fifties, <H2572> and rulers <H8269> of tens: <H6235>
EXO:18:25And Moses <H4872> chose <H0977> able <H2428> men <H0582> out of all Israel, <H3478> and made <H5414> them heads <H7218> over the people, <H5971> rulers <H8269> of thousands, <H0505> rulers <H8269> of hundreds, <H3967> rulers <H8269> of fifties, <H2572> and rulers <H8269> of tens. <H6235>
NUM:24:18And Edom <H0123> shall be a possession, <H3424> Seir <H8165> also shall be a possession <H3424> for his enemies; <H0341> and Israel <H3478> shall do <H6213> valiantly. <H2428>

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