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Original Verse:
Job Chapter 22 Verse 5[Is] not thy wickedness great? and thine iniquities infinite?

Reference Verses:
Job Chapter 11 Verse 6And that he would shew thee the secrets of wisdom, that [they are] double to that which is! Know therefore that God exacteth of thee [less] than thine iniquity [deserveth].
Job Chapter 15 Verse 5For thy mouth uttereth thine iniquity, and thou choosest the tongue of the crafty.
Psalms Chapter 40 Verse 12For innumerable evils have compassed me about: mine iniquities have taken hold upon me, so that I am not able to look up; they are more than the hairs of mine head: therefore my heart faileth me.
Job Chapter 15 Verse 6Thine own mouth condemneth thee, and not I: yea, thine own lips testify against thee.
Job Chapter 4 Verse 7-11 [7] Remember, I pray thee, who [ever] perished, being innocent? or where were the righteous cut off? [8] Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same. [9] By the blast of God they perish, and by the breath of his nostrils are they consumed. [10] The roaring of the lion, and the voice of the fierce lion, and the teeth of the young lions, are broken. [11] The old lion perisheth for lack of prey, and the stout lion's whelps are scattered abroad.
Job Chapter 11 Verse 14If iniquity [be] in thine hand, put it far away, and let not wickedness dwell in thy tabernacles.
Job Chapter 15 Verse 31Let not him that is deceived trust in vanity: for vanity shall be his recompence.
Job Chapter 21 Verse 27Behold, I know your thoughts, and the devices [which] ye wrongfully imagine against me.
Job Chapter 32 Verse 3Also against his three friends was his wrath kindled, because they had found no answer, and [yet] had condemned Job.
Psalms Chapter 19 Verse 12Who can understand [his] errors? cleanse thou me from secret [faults].

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Daily Proverb

Proverbs 21:29

A wicked man hardeneth his face: but [as for] the upright, he directeth his way.


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